Marcus Fenix is the main character in Gears of War and Gears of War 2.

Marcus Fenix


Marcus Fenix was a sergeant in the COG Armed Forces. A legendary war hero, Marcus served with distinction in the Pendulum Wars which earned him the Embry Star, COG's highest military award, for his actions during the Battle of Aspho Fields. Like the rest of humankind, he saw everything change on Emergence Day. Marcus bravely fought the Locust for ten years, then, during an intense battle, he abandoned his post to rescue his father, Professor Adam Fenix, but could not reach him in time. Marcus was tried for dereliction of duty and sentenced to 40 years in Jacinto Maximum Security Prison. Incarcerated for four years before being released by his longtime friend, Dominic Santiago. Marcus was later promoted to replace Minh Young Kim after his death. Along with the rest of Delta Squad, he successfully detonated the Lightmass Bomb and destroyed much of the Locust Hollow. With his reputation restored, Marcus finishing the war against the Locust, now works with the military to rebuild civilization.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A totally professional soldier, Marcus Fenix is generally gruff and aggressive. He is a natural leader; being promoted to corporal not long after he joined the army in Gears of War: Aspho Fields, and was promoted to sergeant after the death of Lt. Kim; despite Hoffman’s dislike of him. However, there have been several times when Marcus has put friends and family before the call of duty; he deserted his post to try and save his father, as well as going with Dominic to look for Maria despite that not being their mission. He frequently displays great loyalty to his friends.

Marcus is a very cold person, and he rarely displays any emotions other than anger. Part of his cold demeanor stems from the loss of his best friend Carlos Santiago and a strained parental relationship during his childhood and adolescent years. However, on occasions a glint of caring is seen under the hard exterior. He is able to show sorrow when losing a teammate. After Gil Gonzalez was killed he headed for The Rusty Nail which is the only place to find him after a mission. He tells Ben Carmine that he will get out of the Hollows, and later appears distressed by his death, as he was about Tai Kaliso’s suicide. He also cares a great deal about Dominic, and it is hinted, about Anya Stroud. He appears shocked and saddened by the discovery of Maria Santiago in the Hollow, although soon manages to refocus on the mission at hand.